La Costarica


 Over the years we have provided the first workshops of the villages of the city of Turin and then the shops, small supermarkets in the area and currently many bars and cafes.

 In many, even today, remember our historical mixtures "Delight" and "Bella Napoli" savoring, with memory, the taste, the 'aroma and fragrance of these.  Still the quality of the coffee The Costa Rica is guaranteed by our artisan roasting, with a Probat 1960; an "old" roaster that keeps the ancient roasting method.  The family-run La Costa Rica, the careful attention in the search for coffees and special mixtures, as well as the passion of our entire company for this work, allow us to offer a high quality coffee to the market at the best price. Therefore, with the pride of producing roasted coffee with a short chain, we de La Costa Rica we bring directly from the producer to the consumer "True Italian Espresso."